Our Preschool Program

Preschool – Programs

Classic Kids brings preschool gymnastics to life! We have a preschool gym that makes age appropriate gymnastics safe, innovative and exciting.
Our curriculum changes weekly and our informative handouts will keep the parents informed of the direction of the class.


Ages 16 months – 2 years
30 minute class
Parent Participation Class

This class is designed to introduce your little one to movement in a safe, age appropriate setting. Parents will follow children through stations and help acclimate the child to an organized class. The stations are designed to promote development through movement, which includes walking, balancing, jumping and rolling. This class will be an enjoyable physical, mental and social experience for your child.


Ages 2 years – 3 years
45 minute class
Parent Participation Class

Students will be introduced to gymnastics with a parent/guardian assisting during class. Basic tumbling progressions will be introduced based on each child’s readiness. Students will explore the apparatus in a fun and safe environment while the parent’s guide them through each station.


Ages 3 years
45 minute class
No Parent Participation

This class is for kids who are ready to participate without a parent and can independently follow circuits. Children begin to learn body control and awareness and will continue to build on basic skill progressions. This class is held in our age appropriate preschool area.


Ages 4 year
45 minute class
No Parent Participation

This class is for 4 year olds who are interested in having fun while being challenged and having more detailed gymnastic instruction. Students with previous experience will be introduced to additional skills. Your child will learn how to follow direction, how to get along with peers and many other life skills.