Ninja Classes

Ninja classes are offered at both Classic West & Classic Chanhassen.   This class is an exciting option for boys and girls.

Ninja Course Descriptions 

Grasshopper Beginner: 

The focus of this class is to introduce ninja-related terminology, develop a framework for social skills and communication.  Students will build these skills through the development of fine motor skills, balance, and coordination while gaining a basic knowledge of body awareness. 

Grasshopper Intermediate: 

The focus of this class is to establish a foundation of basic and fundamental ninja skills. Students will enhance their body awareness through balance and coordination. Introduction to the ninja circuit will help to develop fine motor skills and start to develop core body strength. 

Hero Advanced: 

These students display a well-rounded understanding of the ninja foundation and basic skills. Introduction of agility and speed will be added to the skills. Students will increase core body strength with more focus on acrobatic elements, rolls, and vaulting. All rolls and safety falls will be mastered at this level. 

Hero Champion: 

At this level, students will focus on building upper body and core strength. More climbing elements will be added at this level. Students can successfully do all apparatuses of the Ninja course. They will learn a series of skills through a timed obstacle course to further increase agility and speed. They will expand their knowledge in acrobatic and vaulting skills. 

Samurai Elite: 

Students have an established understanding of Ninja and are encouraged to add creativity to the skills and combinations already learned. The introduction of strength and conditioning at this level will help students build upon their Ninja foundation. Students learn advanced levels of acrobatics, vaults, and precision. Speed and agility will increase, while students’ timed obstacle courses will decrease. 

Samurai Ultra: 

These students have mastered all elements of the Ninja course as well as advanced acrobatic skills. The focus of this class will be to combine and link together the skills learned previously. Creativity is encouraged while students learn different skill combinations and different obstacle courses. We will continue to build on core and upper body strength with a focus on strength endurance. At this level, the most difficult climbing elements are also learned.  


Classic West teaches pure Karate – Traditional Japanese Shotokan Style for ages 6 to adult.

Small class sizes & grouping by level.  There are also opportunities to attend local competitions.


Uniform for karate classes is a Kimono Gi.

Karate Beginners:

If you are an Intermediate or Advanced student, call the Front Desk so that we can check on a class option.